Feel Good Tracker

Improve your well-being by recording and rating your activities with the Feel Good Tracker!

Improve your well-being by recording and rating your activities with the Feel Good Tracker!

Everyone knows that doing activities you love can contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Instead of allowing the stresses of daily life to overshadow your well-being, record the activities that make you feel good with the intuitive Feel Good Tracker.


This unique application includes an easy-to-use activity log and star rating system to help you focus on the positive activities in your daily life and take control of your own happiness.
You can use the calendar event feature to schedule an activity in iCal and take photos to capture your most memorable moments.
You can highlight your favorite places or record the site of your latest adventure by adding your location with the simple pin-drop GPS feature.
Most importantly, you can e-mail or tweet your entries with the touch of a button and share what you love with your family and friends.
These features make it easy to customize your Feel Good Tracker experience and enjoy the impact of positive activities on your daily life. Use it to motivate yourself to reach a goal, record your efforts towards better physical and mental health, or just plain feel better every day. Whether you like to play chess or run marathons, the Feel Good Tracker is the perfect way to remember your favorite activities and discover what truly makes you happy.

Overall App Store Rating

4.5 stars on App Store

Feel Good TrackerApp Store4.5

Customer Feedback

“What a great way to make sure you’re living life to the fullest – listing the things that really work for you and being able to review/share the list to keep you on track. A great picker-upper if you’re having a bad day!”

Seawordy – App Store

“A great app. Easy to use. Nice idea to create positive reinforcement from day to day and after a week or so, despite lousy things that may occur, you begin to, well, just feel good.”

Nozofidaho – App Store

“So easy to use yet very impactful – it has already changed my daily outlook!”

BeachrunnerHMB – App Store